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What can I do for you?

Posted by boakley59 on March 26, 2008

Friends, fans, readers: I have good news and bad news.

First, the good news: My butt having been examined by competent, certified professionals and found no longer to be abnormally perforated, sliced or otherwise newly damaged, I am for the most part as healthy as a person with a chronic illness can be.

The bad news: A relatively clean bill of health means the disability that cost me my job apparently has ended, as will the associated disability insurance benefits.

After months of enforced inactivity, it is good news that I am deemed able to return to work. After months of dealing with and pondering the extremes of my illness, though, Suzy and I are determined to be cautious. Overwork apparently makes me vulnerable to the intrusive symptoms of Crohn’s, so I will be limiting myself to part-time or piece work.

Please feel free to mention me to anyone you know who might be looking to hire someone like me. I am available for work by e-commute or within easy driving distance from North Little Rock. I have created a “Hire Bruce” island in Brulog where potential employers may find out more about my skills and my work, so direct them there.

I will, of course, be reading job ads, checking Web sites and seeking opportunities on my own, but I can think of lots of possibilities that might lie outside formal channels and where word of mouth might help make a connection.

Who might need my skills?

I am a writer and editor by training, with long experience, and I can teach those skills as well. People or organizations needing help with communications, newsletters or Web pages, or needing tutoring, coaching or classes in any of those areas could benefit from my experience. Students in need of tutoring, or professors in need of ghost writing or editing, also would find me helpful.

I am an organizer and technophile with computer programming experience and broad exposure to a wide variety of applications. I can automate procedures in applications from e-mail to word processing to image editing to document design on most computer platforms. Small businesses or individuals struggling for increased efficiency with their computer applications might find their operations streamlined with a few macros, scripts or utility programs, or just a bit of tutoring.

I will be adding details on skills and past projects to “Hire Bruce,” and I can be reached through the “Comments” links for any questions. Please keep me in mind if you have friends or contacts in need of the help I can provide.

Friends, fans, readers: Thanks for letting me conduct a bit of business in this mainly social domain.


One Response to “What can I do for you?”

  1. boy, does this man know how to make a computer work for you. he has responded countless times to my plea of “make a button for this so i don’t have to do it myself.” he knows how the computer thinks, and he will make your life easier if you will hire him! tell your friends! the ones with money!

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