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BLT, with a side of tears

Posted by boakley59 on December 23, 2010

Mr. Taylor,

Your little girl is fine. We’ve come back home, close to your dear wife and son, and we’re taking good care of each other. You’d like seeing Suzy smile so often. She’s more relaxed and having more fun than she’s had in the last few years while she’s been having to work so hard to take care of me.

You’d be glad for me, too, because you know what it’s like to have chronic disease hold you back. I’m a little more accepting than I have been of my limitations, but I’ve also been able to find ways at last to contribute and participate and be busy without overdoing. Good for me and a relief for your little girl, who has been carrying more than her share of the load for years now.

It’s been 13 years, but we still hear your voice and remember your kindness, wisdom and guidance. I see you every day in your daughter’s determination, efficiency and thirst for knowledge. Life around the house might be easier if she had been more of the handyman (or if that had run in my family), but it’s probably best that we’re equally uncrafty.

Suzy has a good job at a company that is involved in the community, and she dives in wholeheartedly. And we’ve found a church that reaches out even more, strengthening Suzy’s faith, warming her heart and feeding her soul. The seed you planted flourishes.

Love always,


In loving memory of Bennie Lee Taylor, July 11, 1938-Dec. 23, 1997


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