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On the road again

Posted by boakley59 on January 15, 2012

Holiday overindulging already a distant memory? Back on the roads wondering what happened to all that energy and that trim look in those flashy racing threads? Suddenly gasping for air after a short burst that you were knocking off without a care a couple of months ago?

Yeah, it happens. You get knocked off your schedule for a few weeks and you wonder (worry) if you’ll ever get it back. It won’t be easy, but the good news is it should be easier than it was before. You have been through the routine now, so you know what to do; you know what you can take; you know what it takes to move forward. You’ve marked out a trail; you’re just returning to it after being away for a while.

So, reconnect with your running buddies, revisit your startup schedule from last season and get going. If you haven’t gotten restarted yet, run a few days a week of gentle mileage for a couple of weeks to re-establish your base, then step back into your training program with your new farther, faster, funner (!) goals.

The ladies of Women Run/Walk Arkansas Clinic Batesville are meeting at 8 a.m. Saturdays on the Penguin 5K/10K course. Some meet at the Southern Bank parking lot to avoid running over the river bridge until race day; others are meeting at the starting line across the bridge in Kennedy Park to run the whole course. That’s every week until race day, Feb. 25. The clinic will be starting about that time as well, with Tue-Thu-Sat runs in store. The speed group is at BHS track most Mondays at mid-afternoon, and general road runs are Tue/Thu mid-afternoon. Updates to the schedule are at Run-Coach.

I’ve also updated the White River Roadrunners Challenge series schedule and rules (10-19 age group is now 10-14 and 15-19, to even things up for still-developing younger legs), and we’re still putting together a schedule for the team competition in the statewide Grand Prix. Let me know if you’re in the Grand Prix and planning to run any of the races on the schedule and I’ll add you to the listing at Take one for the team.

In case you missed it, I have my own Facebook page now (not sharing Suzy’s anymore), so you can catch me there for comments or advice if you’re not looking in here regularly. For what it’s worth, I note that Facebook is not like real life: On FB, it’s when you stop cohabiting and separate that your status updates to “married.”

Anyway, I hope everyone’s getting the kinks out and enjoying a new year, eager to get back into top form. Don’t fret that you’ve missed some time or stepped aside from your program for a while, because we all need to take breaks to recharge. The February Runner’s World has an article talking about the twice-a-year training breaks one elite coach imposes on his teams so that their legs are fresh at peak season. They break from the hard stuff for one to two months each time, so they do “maintenance only” for about a quarter of the year. Stepping back is part of the plan. Enjoy the rest and recharge, then go back to it with new strength. You’ll find you’re starting off this year at a place you were struggling to get to last year.

Don’t forget your stretching and core exercises!

Beep beep!


2 Responses to “On the road again”

  1. He must be talking about me, friends. He gets his best running examples from the slow, out-of-shape chick he lives with. 🙂

  2. boakley59 said

    Naming no names — what doesn’t happen on the road, stays off the road! “There are more backsliders in health and fitness, my Suzy O., than are decked out in your funky shoes.”

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