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Dress reversal

Posted by boakley59 on February 9, 2017

If I were a woman, here’s the fashion advice I would be offering these days:

We dressed like women,

Women suffragists marching on Pennsylvania Avenue led by Mrs. Richard Coke Burleson (center on horseback); U.S. Capitol in background. (Library of Congress)

and you said we were too emotionally unstable to vote.

Nevertheless, we persisted.

And we marched until you yielded the franchise.

We dressed like women,

and long years later, we marched again.

You said we should have voted, and that your numbers were greater (photo evidence notwithstanding).

Nevertheless, we persisted.

Women's March on Washington (32593123745)
We dressed like women,

and you said we made you irresistibly aroused.

Nevertheless, we persisted, and testified and sent you to jail when we could.


We dressed like women,

and you said we didn’t deserve equal pay because we interrupted work for child-rearing.

Nevertheless, we persisted, often putting you through school because you couldn’t work and raise children at the same time.


We dressed like women,

and you said impregnated women couldn’t get chosen medical care.

Nevertheless, we persisted.

We sued and men dressed like women, in black, said we had a right to such care.

We dressed like women,

and you said no matter who was wearing wedding rings, you could grope us.

Nevertheless, we persisted.

When we spoke up for “family values” and against groping, you said you didn’t want ones like us anyway.

We dressed like women,

Girls from MHamid (2357918553)

and you said we were hiding terrorist faces trying to sneak into the country.

Nevertheless, we persisted.

Men dressed like women, in black, stopped your exclusions.

We dressed like women,

and you said we couldn’t read a letter from a murdered black man’s wife that said a white man who perpetuated racial injustice was unqualified for a leading justice role.

Nevertheless, we persisted.


Elizabeth Warren

We dressed like women,

and you said pregnant women now may have to get your permission for that medical care we fought for and won so long ago.

Nevertheless, we persist.

So, dressed like women,

mommies in particular,

we offer this fashion advice:

Hurry up and grow out of your diaper.


And please change your sheets.

KKK night rally in Chicago c1920 cph.3b12355
Because we have always dressed like women,

And we are legion. However you stack the deck against us, nevertheless, we persist!


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