Words of occasional wisdom from Bruce Oakley

About Bruce

G’day Bruce. I’d like to introduce you to all the Bruces here …

Private Bruce is outgoing and not very secretive but still doesn’t want to tell everything online, lest some nasty little rabbit sink its teeth into the good bits and wreak havoc all around. But much has already been revealed.

Domestic Bruce lives in North Little Rock Batesville, Arkansas, with his wife, Suzy (the good kisser in the boakley avatar), and dogs, Salsa and Pepper. He has a grown son, Courtney, from his first marriage.

Professional Bruce has worked at newspapers all his adult life, mostly as a copy editor but with geeky tendencies, so he has programming and Web editing experience, too. He won a Knight Foundation fellowship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he investigated “Accuracy in Electronic Archives.”

Scholar Bruce attended Catholic schools from third grade on, earning a bachelor of arts in English from the University of Notre Dame a few more years ago than is polite to mention.

Active Bruce enjoys running; playing basketball, pool, guitar and occasionally banjo; and watching or reading sci-fi and westerns. He likes Monty Python, the Marx Brothers and Tom Lehrer.

Enigma Bruce has a liberal arts degree but leans heavily on science, math and logic to guide his reasoning, though he’s never sure about anything until he knows how he feels about it.

That should get you started. Come inside and get to know Bruce, Bruce and Bruce better.

3 Responses to “About Bruce”

  1. connie thompson said

    Hey, Bruce, good to see you’re alive and well and enjoying personal and professional success in LR. Warm regards from a former El Dorado colleague, now residing with husband and three (gulp) kids near NY, but with fond memories of Magnolia and Smackover. Keep up the blogging.

    Bruce sez: Great to hear from you. I’m trying to keep at it; the thoughts don’t seem to flow as readily as in days gone by. Every little bit of encouragement helps. Do drop in from time to time.

  2. Tom MacLennan said

    Hi Bru! How do?

    Little Tommy.

    Bruce sez: Hi thee! Happy be, hearing from you. Write do. News thing.

  3. Joe Musumeci said

    Bruce! How are you? So glad to have a pipeline to you; Ortie steered me this-a-way…

    Heavens – 25 years. We will have to catch up slowly, but doggedly… it always felt like there was a kindred spirit in the room (or the office) when you were around. Glad to see you with family in Little Rock, and that the wheels still churn – I only read a few installments, but enjoyed them and will be back for more.



    Bruce sez: Welcome aboard. Great to hear from you! Look forward to catching up on the wanderings of kindred spirits.

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