Words of occasional wisdom from Bruce Oakley

Hire Bruce

How may I help you?

I am good with words. I am good with computers. I am good at explaining how to use words and computers. I can help you understand, organize and automate processes.

Highlights of my resume (PDF) include a bachelor of arts in English, extensive and award-winning experience since 1978 in nearly every newsroom role, plus Web work and computer programming. Brulog posts serve as examples of my writing; the Scripting pages provide samples of my abilities in programming, technical documentation and writing training manuals; my Knight Foundation fellowship project, “Accuracy in Electronic Archives, demonstrates my research capabilities and academic writing.

I am available as a free-lance writer or copy editor. I can serve as a writing, editing or newspage design consultant, coach or tutor.

If you need to communicate it, I can help or teach you to do it better.

I have long experience in automating content management, writing and page design processes, from devising Microsoft Word macros to programming a newsroom file-tracking and archive system in BASIC. I have worked in AppleScript, VBScript, javascript, php and perl, and on applications from Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to the Microsoft Office suite and the Apple OS.

If you use it in your office, I can help you use it better, by automation or by instruction.

I am looking for jobs within commuting distance of Batesville North Little Rock or work that I can do from home.

From words to Web sites, please ask what I can do for you.

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