Words of occasional wisdom from Bruce Oakley


Welcome to the Brulog, my little archipelago in the vast ocean of the Internet.

Dante wrote “Abandon hope …” but that greeting is a bit gloomy for my taste, so let me say, “Abandon indifference, all ye who enter here.”

Long ago, I learned that I cannot write well without feelings. I must have passion. Sometimes I practice writing techniques with no topic, but even then I have passion for words and language — the sounds and shapes, meanings and magic.

So, I encourage all visitors to the Brulog to read with passion — for my ideas or yours, for words and discourse, or even just for what you can learn about me. If you think some of my writings misguided, feel free to write of your passion for a different view. Think of me on those occasions, though, as a best friend who has gone astray, not a raving enemy to be silenced.

Here’s the trick about writing (or speaking) with passion: Sometimes all that comes through is the passion; the message is lost in the sound and the fury. And the secret of the trick is knowing whether the passion or the message is more important.

So, come into the Brulog, and let us reason passionately together.

One Response to “Welcome”

  1. boakley59 said

    Suzy: Yes, dear, I guarantee you will figure often in my musings on these pages.

    Sarabeth: A bit intimidating to see my first post described as “inspiring”; it gives me a tough standard to live up to. But I’m glad to find a fellow traveler with such enthusiasm for the journey.

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